Allie’s Best Card for May 2015

zyman blog post_May2015

This invitation, designed with South Florida event planner Karla Conceptual Event Experiences, celebrated a milestone birthday for Sergio, a/k/a “the most interesting man in the world.”

A simple, typographic card, paired with a black lizard envelope served as a save the date announcement and created a preview for the invitation that followed.

For the main invitation, we stayed with the same colors and fonts, but layered different papers together to add thickness, texture and make it more “interesting.” The invitation was edge painted with metallic silver for an upscale look with a small stripe of shine.

This set was a beautiful way to bring friends together to celebrate someone special.


Allie’s Best Card for August 2014

This invitation makes us want to run away and join the circus! We designed this set with one of our local retailers, Paperazzi in Weston, Florida.

This whimsical invitation was printed on white flexible plastic, and designed by combining traditional and decorative fonts to set the mood of the party while maintaining an upscale feel. A bright red envelope, paired with a sparkly gold glitter liner and gold wrap label, makes a great first impression.


Allie’s Best Card for June 2013


Anchor blog postHappy Summer! Here at Allie Munroe, we can go to beach year-round, but in other places, not so much, making beach parties extra special. This month, we’re featuring an over the top save-the-date card for Victor’s 40th birthday.  We worked on this with retailer The Write Invite in Dallas, Texas.

This invite is printed on frosted acrylic with ocean blue ink. The design is clean and simple using a larger type to highlight the important details. We added the anchor emphasizing the big 4-0, and finished it off with a crisp, white envelope with matching typography.  Touches of red can be added for a more patriotic or nautical feel. Or, use a craft paper envelope for an earthy, natural first impression.

Remember the sunscreen!

San Francisco Party inspiration

Planning a party in San Francisco? Check out this inspiration board, which starts with an Allie Munroe plastic invitation we created with Paper Caper in Burlingame, California and includes ideas to create an evening that will be the talk of the town.  Prefer the East Coast?  Other skylines are available.