allie munroe is a boutique business specializing in original invitations, announcements and social stationery. The company’s vision is to put a new twist on the old, crafting personalized paper designs using vintage techniques like letterpress and engraving in fresh and modern ways. Textured paper. Saturated colors. Classic typefaces. Contemporary designs. All are signature allie munroe.

Founded in 2004, allie munroe was created by two Miami-based entrepreneurs, friends and mothers, Alison O’Keefe and Kristen Munroe. Friends for more than a decade, one could say they became grown-ups together. Double dating with their future husbands. Bridesmaids in each other’s weddings. Sharing the joy of becoming moms.

It was during the baby phase of their lives that the idea for allie munroe was hatched. In search of one-of-a-kind baby shower invites and announcements with personality, Alison grew disillusioned with the fast food, cookie-cutter options being offered. Being a designer herself, she felt the key was in the details. To her, it wasn’t just paper, it was a keepsake, a memento, part of your family’s history.

She decided to create her own. At first, Alison developed her original designs for friends and family, mostly as gifts. Soon, Alison found herself fielding more and more requests for orders, including ones from her good friend, Kristen. A business was born.

Today, using time-honored techniques, allie munroe has expanded its collection to include baby, holiday, social stationery and party invitations. Classic and cool. Sleek and chic. Funky and fun. allie munroe prides itself on creating lasting impressions.

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