He popped the question and she said yes!

The date and place are set, now what?  Spread the word, it is time to send a save the date card…but why?Giving guests advanced notice makes it more likely your loved ones can be there on the big day. Guests traveling from out of town have time to look for airline and hotel specials, request vacation time, apply for a Visa if they are coming from another country or possibly plan a more extended vacation around your wedding.  Most save the dates go out 6-9 months before the wedding.
Save the date cards should include: 
• the couple’s names
• the date
• the city, state, and
• a message indicating that an invitation will follow
Other information you might want to include are: 
• prompt such as ‘save the date’ or ‘mark your calendar’
• wedding website address
• hotel information
• date of the rehearsal dinner, brunch or other planned activities around the wedding (if everyone who will receive this is included)If you want to keep it simple but give detailed information, send people to your website. It can be updated as the information is finalized.
Who do I send it to?  
You can choose to send to all your guests or to out of town guests only.  For destination weddings, send them to everyone. If you guest list is not final, make sure you only send to people you know you will invite.  You can always send an invitation later to someone who did not receive a save the date card, but not the other way around!  Just keep in mind if you send to out of town guests only, they might tell a local guests that they received it.
What should it look like?
Save the dates are a chance to announce your big news in a way that fits the betrothed couple’s style.  It can be whimsical, classic, tell your story, reflect the location of your wedding, include a photograph or be a simple card that is a preview to your invitation.  Many couples use it as a chance to send a fun, creative announcement when they want to follow it up with a more traditional invitation.Check out http://alliemunroe.com/made-to-order/custom-wedding for some of our favorite save the date samples.
Best wishes,

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